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mrpresident_nt's Journal

In Honor of the Commander-in-Chief
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All things relating to the President from National Treasure
Why create this comm?

During a recent search of LJ I realized there are no communities dedicated to the wonderful portrayal of the United States President in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Being a fan of it myself, I chose to start this community in the hopes that others loved him too.

What's the content?

Anything and everything. Icons, het, slash, fanart, vids... It's all welcome here! I personally have a fondness for a particular pairing so I'm excited to share that, but I'm also hopeful that there is more out there than my piddling little contribution.


+ No bashing.
-- I don't care if you hate a particular character, it is not accepted. Nor will there be bashing of one another.
+ No flaming, no flame wars.
-- If you don't like a fic, don't comment on it. It's not terribly hard. If you feel that strongly that you want to say something to the author, there's the internal LJ messaging system. Or even better, give suggestions for improvement, give constructive criticism.
+ Fanfiction and Fanart must have headers.
-- There should be a title, pairing (if any), and a rating at minimum.
-- Warnings for heavy topics like character death and non-con are not negotiable and I will delete your post if those are missing. If there's any confusion about this, contact me.
+ Het, Slash, and Gen are acceptable.
-- If you don't like this, either don't read the stories or don't join. It's simple. I will not hesitate to ban any member who harasses another for their preferences.
+ Pairings not including the President are allowed so long as they are secondary.
-- Ben/Abigail, Ben/Riley, Patrick/Emily, these can all be in the fic, but they are to be supporting or secondary pairings. The President must be the central figure of the story.

Issues, Complaints, Praise?

If there's something I have missed, something you feel needs addressing, or just want to say hello, please direct those comments via internal messaging. There will also be a post with screened comments that I will monitor.